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"Balance Sheet is one of the reports of a financial statement which provides a snapshot of the entity’s financial condition on a given date."


Balance Sheet is the financial statement of a company which includes assets, liabilities, equity capital, total debt, etc. at a point in time. Balance sheet includes assets on one side, and liabilities on the other.

"For the balance sheet to reflect the true picture, both heads (liabilities & assets) should tally (Assets = Liabilities + Equity)."

Balance sheet is more like a snapshot of the financial position of a company at a specified time, usually calculated after every quarter, six months or one year.

Balance Sheet has Three main heads
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Capital Or Equity

What are ASSETS?

Assets are those resources or things which the company owns. They can be divided into current as well as non-current assets or long term assets.


Liabilities on are debts or obligations of a company. It is the amount that the company owes to its creditors. Liabilities can be divided into current liabilities and long term liabilities.

What is EQUITY?

Another asset source is equity. If you are the sole proprietor of your business, this is referred to as owner’s equity. If your business is a corporation, equity is called stakeholder’s equity. When all liabilities are subtracted from your company’s assets, the result is equity.

Equity is made up of paid-in capital and retained earnings. Paid-in capital is the amount each shareholder initially paid for his or her stock. Retained earnings refers to the amount of money your business didn’t sell to shareholders and instead reinvested into itself.

Assets = Liability + Capital

Why are Balance SheetsImportant?

Balance sheets are also important because these documents let banks know if your business qualifies for additional loans or credit. Balance sheets help current and potential investors better understand where their funding will go and what they can expect to receive in the future. Investors appreciate businesses with high cash assets, as this insinuates a company will grow and prosper.

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